Customer Service – Mastectomy Boutiques
Customer Service – Mastectomy Boutiques

Customer Service – Mastectomy Boutiques

Customer Service -Where Mastectomy Succeeds

Anyone genuinely successful in sales and advertising has known for years that Customer Service is a big part of a sale.

Unfortunately, the medical profession missed the memo.

In many places, healthcare lags far behind other industries in valuing their customers. This lack of customer appreciation can be possibly attributed to regulations, the number of people being treated, or medical treatment costs.

However, as the general public pays for an ever-increasing percentage of their healthcare, their expectations grow of both medical professionals and treatment received.

If you provide medical services to the general public, you need to up your game.

A successful business provides more than just “customer service.” It strives to offer a complete “Customer Experience.” Customer service is no longer classified as administrative service. The days of Customer Service defined as a receptionist answering the phone or a simple question are long past.

So what is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is defined in a variety of ways. First, it is a customer’s interaction with your company; how your company does or does not meet customer expectations. Second, a successful customer experience builds relationships with customers through communication, trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

Here are three general concepts to help you go the extra mile:

  1. Focus on your customer’s needs
  2. Personalize their experience
  3. Engage with your customer

And the fourth? Follow Up and Repeat

Data from Microsoft shows that 90% of consumers say that customer service is an essential factor when choosing a brand for their loyalty. And 73% of people factor in the customer experience when making a purchasing decision. 

Customer Service – Mastectomy Boutiques

While customer service in healthcare is lagging, the customer experience in Mastectomy Boutiques works!

Historically, Mastectomy Boutiques operate as a hybrid of retail and healthcare. They provide medically necessary items and services in a more relaxed setting.

Post Mastectomy Providers get it right.

Mastectomy Fitters know their customers by name. They look at their customers as relationships, and friends.

Consequently, boutique owners and certified post-mastectomy fitters have stumbled upon a formula that engenders strong loyalty and consistent repeat business. They listen to their customers!

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

How to measure customer experience beyond NPS

And the Survey Says?

At the heart of customer service or experience is Customer Feedback.

Accredited Mastectomy Providers who accept insurance are required to use Patient Satisfaction Surveys. These surveys can be a helpful tool in building the Customer Experience. Data gathered provides a 360-degree view of customers and their expectations.

Providers can use surveys to understand customers. By creating a customer journey map – developing an emotional relationship with your company. Surveys can, at the very least, capture customer feedback by tracking customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the Customer Experience is knowing what your customers want, providing quality products and knowledgeable services, and fixing their complaints in a timely fashion – the art of keeping your customers happy.

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