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Care Standards

Care Standards

Post-Mastectomy Standards of Care

Mastectomy care standards apply to healthcare items and professional services provided after a mastectomy due to breast cancer or trauma, a prophylactic mastectomy, or developmental conditions of the breast.

What Does a Mastectomy Fitter Do?

Mastectomy Fitters provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • measurement and fit of external breast prostheses
  • post-op prostheses
  • nipple prostheses
  • custom breast prostheses
  • pocketed garments (bras, swimsuits, clothing)
  • lymphedema and post-surgical compression garments
  • nipple and areola tattooing

Post-mastectomy is always considered healthcare

These items and services should always be provided by a Certified and Licensed Mastectomy Fitter trained in post-mastectomy care.

Standards of Care

Mastectomy care begins immediately after surgery and extends throughout a lifetime. 

Proper post-surgical care encompasses several stages:

  • before surgery – including preoperative fitting and counseling
  • immediate post-operative (pre-prosthetic)
  • immediate reconstruction
  • delayed reconstruction
  • external breast prosthesis (initial fitting).
  • lifelong care.


External breast prostheses may be used in conjunction with reconstruction, as an intermediate treatment before delayed reconstruction, or as a permanent option (Lifelong Care).

External breast prosthetic care includes many different types of garments and prosthetics specially designed for each stage of healing: post-operative, intermediate, and permanent.  The Mastectomy Care Standard recommends a progression through the stages of post-mastectomy care for proper healing and fit.