Advocacy to support Mastectomy Fitter Services

Government Relations and Political Advocacy are core Mission points for AABCP.

AABCP represents the best interests of certified mastectomy professionals at all levels of government, including Local, State, and Federal, appearing before various Agencies and providing education to Private Insurers.

Mastectomy services are a unique specialty within healthcare that is generally misunderstood. While stemming from various factors, these misunderstandings foster myths about the genuine need for these vital and lifelong services.

The American Association of Breast Care Professionals exists to Defend the ability of mastectomy fitters and other breast care professionals to treat breast cancer survivors appropriately.

Support, Foster, Expand & Defend

AABCP tracks legislation and regulatory issues that could affect the profession. The Association testifies at hearings, introduces legislation, and proposes rule changes that would protect the provision of quality care.

Changing Laws

As laws continue to change, AABCP witnesses multi-faceted attempts at the erosion of breast cancer survivor benefits. Thus we are proud that our efforts protect certified mastectomy fitters and the individuals who need these services.

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