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Outcomes – Research

Outcomes – Research

Post-Mastectomy Scientific Outcomes and Research

AABCP & Global Breast Care Initiative has begun an in-depth analysis into the perceived inequities of breast care services, post-mastectomy in the United States.

Breast amputation due to disease, commonly referred to as mastectomy creates numerous physiological issues.

Until recently, global acknowledgment of the need for research into problems caused by the procedures used to treat breast cancer, breast trauma, and other genetic diseases of the breast was minimal.

AABCP strives to raise awareness within the scientific community encouraging research, publication review, and outcomes studies that broaden scientific understanding of the impact on both women and men of breast surgery.

2023-2026 Post Mastectomy Care Outcomes Research Committee

Three-year Focus

The PMC Research Committee has chosen three research projects whose outcomes are expected to alter the understanding of post-mastectomy care in the United States and have a direct influence on both post-mastectomy fitters and the overall provision of quality of care.

  • Health Disparities and Inequities on the Provision of external breast prostheses and quality post-mastectomy care.
  • Patterns of post-mastectomy external breast prosthesis use in the United States.
  • Determination of the possible differences in quality of care between a  government-funded source and commercial insurance in the provision of an external breast prosthesis.

Marketing of post-mastectomy products and the effect on the quality of care.

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