Student Intern Network

Student Intern Network

This program is intended to assist in pairing businesses with students who need fitter experience hours to qualify for either the ABC or BOC post-mastectomy fitter certification examination or to refresh and advance the professional skills and capabilities of post-mastectomy fitters.

One of the most difficult parts of the mastectomy fitter certification process is obtaining experience hours.— Rhonda F Turner

Student Intern Network

It is easy for those already working in a post-mastectomy or healthcare setting, but finding a certified and accredited location can be difficult for those who wish to certify.

And simply reducing the required hours doesn’t solve the issue and jeopardizes care quality.

There is a fantastic amount of experience and knowledge in the post-mastectomy profession. Some fitters have over 50 years of expertise and experience.

Let’s Work Together

AABCP has started an open listing of businesses and certified individuals willing to teach student fitters.

Placement can occur on a paid or a volunteer basis, with the details to be worked out between the two parties.

And while AABCP can not guarantee placement, we will commit to starting the conversation.

Student Requirements: Completing an ABC or BOC approved post-mastectomy fitter pre-certification course and actively pursuing a Mastectomy Fitter Certification.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for more information.

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