Are your mastectomy fitters exempt employees?

Why does exempt vs. nonexempt matter? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a law that explains how people should be treated at work. It includes standards on minimum wage, leave, overtime, record-keeping, and more. When it comes to classifications, the FLSA divides employees into two spheres: Whether your employee is exempt or nonexempt depends on how they get paid and the type of work they do, which we’ll get into below. What is an …

Customer Service – Mastectomy Boutiques

Customer Service -Where Mastectomy Succeeds Anyone genuinely successful in sales and advertising has known for years that Customer Service is a big part of a sale. Unfortunately, the medical profession missed the memo. In many places, healthcare lags far behind other industries in valuing their customers. This lack of customer appreciation can be possibly attributed to regulations, the number of people being treated, or medical treatment costs. However, as the general public pays for an …

Mastectomy Fitter Stress (Part 2)

The word “stress” is a common enough word. It is a constant factor in most people’s lives and a term used to refer both to daily pressure and overwhelming situations. Recognizing stress in mastectomy fitters can sometimes be difficult But what is stress? Stress is a cascade of physiological reactions to a challenge or demand, such as frustration, danger, anger, or anxiety. Short bursts of stress can be beneficial – avoiding danger or meeting a deadline. …

How to become a certified mastectomy fitter

A mastectomy fitter is a vital piece of the healing process after mastectomy surgery due to breast cancer or other diseases. What is Post Mastectomy? Post Mastectomy describes professional medical services required after a mastectomy due to breast cancer, trauma, prophylactic mastectomy, or genetically induced developmental conditions of the breast. What type of services or items does a mastectomy fitter provide? External breast prostheses, pocket garments, lymphedema, and post-surgical compression garments are healthcare items because they are …

Pre-Cert Fitter Course

Mastectomy Fitting is a growing career choice for breast care professionals from around the world. Take the first step, a pre-certification course, on your path to Mastectomy Fitter Certification.


Post Mastectomy Pre-Certification Fitter Course ( ABC & BOC Approved )


Ongoing – Available at Registration

  • Ongoing – Available at Registration

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LAB FITTING:    Virtual Demonstration


  • The course typically takes 4-5 weeks to complete.
  • Weekly check-in with the instructor.
  • Final exam (Multiple Choice)
  • An online exit interview is required for completion.
  • Finish the course at your own pace. You will have access to the coursework for a full 12 months for study and review.


The AABCP Post Mastectomy Pre-Certification Fitter Course is a comprehensive mastectomy fitter course that exceeds current certification requirements. This course promotes post-mastectomy “Standard of Care,” striving to provide students with unbiased information on all products, fit lines, standards, services, and requirements necessary to provide quality care to breast care patients.


Approved by the American Board of Certification

Approved by the Board of Certification

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This course will provide entry-level skills and background to individuals who wish to pursue a career as a post-mastectomy fitter.

This includes a basic understanding of thoracic anatomy and physiology, garment and prosthetic differentiation, general fitting skills, inventory management, SOAP/Documentation, basic coding and billing skills, introduction to state and federal regulatory compliance, lymphedema fitting, general business, introduction to multiple fit lines, products and more.

AABCP post-mastectomy pre-certification fitter – entry-level course

  • Meets ABC & BOC mastectomy fitter pre-certification course and fitting lab requirements.
  • Appropriate for all individuals who wish to learn post-mastectomy fitting basics.
  • Certified, licensed instructors teach all courses with real-world experience.

Course Details

Cost: VIRTUAL & SELF-PACED $135  |  IN PERSON $165 ( cost differs by location )

  • Includes Study Guides
  • Includes 2 hours of experiential fitting credit (in-person only)
  • Includes Access to FREE AABCP Fitter Online Practice Exam
  • Includes Online support for students
  • 2024 CEU credit for currently certified individuals:  ABC – 0 |   BOC – TBD CEUs

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