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    Dispensing Orders

    DISPENSING ORDERS May be either
    1. Written
    2. Verbal

    Equipment and supplies may be delivered upon receipt of a dispensing order except for those items that require a written order prior to delivery.

    A dispensing order may be verbal or written.

    The supplier must keep a record of the dispensing order on file.

    It must contain:

    1. Description of the item
    2. Beneficiary's name
    3. Prescribing Physician's name
    4. "Date of the order" use the date entered by the physician.

    Verbal Orders

    It must contain:

    1. Description of the item
    2. Beneficiary's name
    3. Prescribing Physician's name
    4. "Date of the order" (use the date the supplier is contacted by the physician)
    Other Information
  • Signature and date stamps are not allowed.
  • The dispensing order must be available upon request.
  • For items that are provided based on a dispensing order, the supplier must obtain a detailed written order before submitting a claim.
  • Detailed Written Order

    DETAILED WRITTEN ORDERS (PIM 5.2.3) A detailed written order (DWO) is required before billing Someone other than the ordering physician may produce the DWO. However, the ordering physician must review the content and sign and date the document. It must contain:
    1. Beneficiary’s name
    2. Physician’s name
    3. Date of the order and the start date, if start date is different from the date of the order
    4. Detailed description of the item(s) (see below for specific requirements for selected items)
    5. Physician signature and signature date
    For items provided on a periodic basis, (BRAS) including drugs, the written order must include: Item(s) to be dispensed:
    1. Dosage or concentration, if applicable
    2. Route of Administration
    3. Frequency of use
    4. Duration of infusion, if applicable
    5. Quantity to be dispensed
    6. Number of refills
    7. Frequency of use information on orders must contain detailed instructions for use and specific amounts to be dispensed. Reimbursement shall be based on the specific utilization amount only.

    Signature Requirements

    Proof of Delivery

    Proof of delivery (POD) is a Supplier Standard #12 and DMEPOS suppliers are required to maintain POD documentation in their files. For medical review purposes, POD serves to assist in determining correct coding and billing information for claims submitted for Medicare reimbursement.

    Regardless of the method of delivery, the contractor must be able to determine from delivery documentation that:

    1. the supplier properly coded the item(s)
    2. the item(s) delivered are the same item(s) submitted for Medicare reimbursement
    3. the item(s) are intended for, and received by, a specific Medicare beneficiary

    The signature and date the beneficiary or designee accepted delivery must be legible.

    For the purpose of the delivery methods noted below, designee is defined as any person who can sign and accept the delivery of DMEPOS on behalf of the beneficiary

    Proof of delivery documentation must be available to the Medicare contractor on request.

    All services that do not have appropriate proof of delivery from the supplier will be denied and overpayments will be requested.

    Suppliers who consistently fail to provide documentation to support their services may be referred to the OIG for imposition of Civil Monetary Penalties or other administrative sanctions.

    Suppliers are required to maintain POD documentation in their files.

    There are three methods of delivery:

    1. Delivery directly to the beneficiary or authorized representative
    2. Delivery via shipping or delivery service
    3. Delivery of items to a nursing facility on behalf of the beneficiary

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