Post mastectomy care algorithm announced

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Post Mastectomy Care Algorithm

The AABCP Professional Committee, founded in 2016, has development for a Post Mastectomy Assessment & Care Algorithm.  At its most basic form, an algorithm is simple: a step-by-step set of instructions for  performing a task.

In medicine, algorithms are decisions aids for better, safer, quality care. A medical algorithm can be as low-tech as a look-up table or decision tree (commonly known as “if-then” statements). Or it can be complex, such as specialized programming used in surgical equipment.

Why use a care algorithm?

Post mastectomy care algorithms remove some of the uncertainty from mastectomy care decision-making and improve the efficiency and appropriateness of care. This Algorithm was developed by certified post mastectomy providers for certified post mastectomy providers, incorporating the most current research data.


more to come on the PMCA