General Information

Mastectomy fitter education is offered by AABCP and various organizations and companies, including breast prosthetic companies and bra manufacturers.

Pre-Certification Course

Generally, mastectomy courses are categorized as Basic or pre-certification. There are also Intermediate and Advanced or post-certification classes. These post-certification classes can be taken as continuing education to satisfy certification renewal requirements or to further a fitter’s education.

mastectomy fitter education

The American Association of Breast Care Professionals offers courses ranging from entry level pre-certification to regulatory and billing seminars and unique scientific and experienced fitter subject coursework. AABCP has also developed a post certification, Mastectomy Fitter Fellowship program for advanced studies.

Mastectomy Fitter Education

All coursework provided by AABCP is specifically designed for post mastectomy professionals and can be found online, at DMEPOS State Meetings, Professional Association meetings, and National Assemblies throughout the year.

Advanced Coursework

In addition to in-depth presentations on regulatory issues and business development, AABCP continuously develops new mastectomy fitter education modules that include scientific and research studies to advance the post-mastectomy care profession.