2023 DMEPOS Fee Schedule
2023 DMEPOS Fee Schedule

2023 DMEPOS Fee Schedule

The 2023 DMEPOS Fee Schedule has been released. It contains one of the largest increases in recent years. If you are interested in reading the full narrative, please review the CMS publication MM 13006, which explains the CY 2023 Updates and calculations in detail.

2023 DMEPOS_Fee Schedule [Download]

2023 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Update Factor

The CY2023 Fees have been updated by a factor of 8.7%

CMS pays for certain DMEPOS products and surgical dressings on a fee schedule basis based on Sections 1834(a), (h), and (i) of the Social Security Act.

2023 dmepos fee scheudule

Available on the Jurisdiction A, B, C, and D – DME MAC websites or for members on AABCP.org, the update includes:

  • The fee schedule amounts for new and existing codes
  • Payment policy changes

There are no new codes that apply to mastectomy fitters.

Current Mastectomy Billing Codes

  • L 8000
  • L 8015
  • L 8020
  • L 8030
  • L 8031
  • L 8032
  • L 8033
  • L 8035
  • L 8039

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