“Psychological impact of breast asymmetry on adolescents age 12 -21”

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A 2017 study by Nuzzi, et al took a look at the Psychological impact of breast asymmetry on adolescents age 12-21.   A total of 261 adolescents in three groups, asymmetrical,  macromastia, and a control group were given a survey to determine basic health and self-esteem ratings.

Conclusion: ” Breast asymmetry may negatively impact the psychological quality of life of adolescents similar to macromastia. Breast asymmetry is not just a cosmetic issue. Providers should be aware of the psychological impairments associated with asymmetry and provide proper support.”

Why is this applicable to post-mastectomy care?  In addition to post-mastectomy, Certified Fitters see and fit with breast prostheses individuals with a variety of breast asymmetry conditions.