Post Mastectomy Patient Rights

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The American Association of Breast Care Professionals, its co-organization, the International Society of Breast Care Professionals, in cooperation with the Global Breast Care Initiative, has defined Post Mastectomy Patient Rights.  Also known as a Consumer Bill of Rights, this valuable statement outlines the rights of all post-mastectomy patients as well as emphasizes the role of Certified post-mastectomy fitters in the healing process.

Post-mastectomy care is more than fitting bras, it is a vital step in the healing process for all breast cancer survivors.

Proper post-mastectomy care begins immediately after, or slightly before, a mastectomy and extends throughout a person’s lifetime. It may involve simple education, multi-stage reconstruction surgery. It may involve external breast prostheses and specially designed and properly fit post-surgical garments, radiation or compression bras and lymphedema garments.  Or, it may involve a combination of care.

Whatever the choice each individual is entitled to appropriate and sufficient care provided by properly trained, licensed and Certified Fitters.

In collaboration with breast cancer survivors, Certified Fitters, medical professionals, and breast cancer organizations,  American Association of Breast Care Professionals has developed a post-mastectomy care patient bill of rights that outlines the basic rights and expectations of appropriate standards of post-mastectomy care.

The PMC Bill of Rights is available from the AABCP website.