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Post Mastectomy Pre-Certification Fitter Course

The AABCP Post Mastectomy Pre-Certification Fiter Course is a comprehensive multi-day, hands on, classroom style mastectomy fitter  course that exceeds current certification requirements.

This course promotes post mastectomy “Standard of Care”, striving to provide students with unbiased information on all products, fit lines, standards, services and requirements necessary in the provision of quality care to breast care patients.


This course will provide entry-level skills and background to individuals who wish to pursue a career in post mastectomy fitting.

This includes a basic understanding of thoracic anatomy and physiology, garment and prosthetic differentiation, general fitting skills, inventory management, SOAP/Documentation, basic coding and billing skills, introduction to state and federal regulatory compliance, lymphedema fitting, general business, wig fitting, introduction to multiple fit lines, products and more.

2018 AABCP post mastectomy fitter entry level and pre-certification course

  • Exceeds current ABC & BOC mastectomy pre-certification course and fitting lab requirements
  • Appropriate for all individuals who wish to learn post mastectomy fitting basics.
  • All courses are taught by certified, licensed instructors with real world experience.


Course Details

Cost: $165

  • AABCP Course Duration:16-21 hours + 2-4 hours Fit & Product Lab
  • Includes 3 hours of experiential fitting credit
  • Includes Online Review
  • Includes FREE AABCP Fitter Online Practice Exam
  • Includes Online support for students
  • CEU credit for Certified individuals:  ABC TBD |  20 BOC CEUs (16.5 Scientific & 3.5 Business)

2018 Courses

  • August  10 & 11         |  Houston, TX                         Register
  • November  3 & 4      |  Houston, TX                         Register