Open Call for Nominations 2019-2020 Advisory Committee

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AABCP is a post-mastectomy professional association focused on the advancement of the post-mastectomy and breast care professions.

This is an open call for nominations.

2019-2020 Nomination for the AABCP Advisory Committee

Thank you for your dedication to the post-mastectomy fitter profession and nomination submission.

The term is a two year term and lasts January 2019 to December 2020. The AABCP Advisory Committee meets a minimum of quarterly by conference call and once at the AABCP Global Summit & Expo. The committee is tasked to review and advise the organization leaders on a variety of projects and subjects, primarily within the professional education and advocacy areas.

We ask that each member of the committee demonstrate their committement to the organization by maintaining their membership in good standing.

Each nomination is carefully considered by the Executive Committee. Each nominee is notified of our decision.

2020-2022 Nomination AABCP Advisory Committee.

Open call for nominations to the 2019-2020 AABCP Advisory Committee.
  • Nomination for the 2020-2022 Advisory Committee