AABCP Post Mastectomy Education

Pre Certification Fitter Schools

accordian-3The AABCP Post Mastectomy Pre Certification Course provides the basic skills and background to individuals who wish to pursue a career in post mastectomy fitting. ABC/BOC approved (pending), this comprehensive multi-day course covers anatomy, fitting skills, SOAP/Documentation, basic coding and billing skills, ethics, headpiece fitting, lymphedema, compression, introduction to regulatory compliance. Fit Lab included Course includes Study Guide, Exam Study Worksheets.

Compliance Boot Camps

accordian-2Unique to the American Association of Breast Care Professionals, the Post Mastectomy Compliance Boot Camps are a revolutionary approach to post mastectomy education outlining the basic business and regulatory information needed to run a post mastectomy business. These intense two-day education courses cover the other side of post mastectomy including: a easy to understand review of the actual regulations and rules that govern post mastectomy services, billing & coding, real life examples of billing errors, auditing overview; and an in depth look at proper file keeping, the affect of "reasonable useful lifetime" on your bottom line, proper SOAP documentation and proving medical necessity.

Post Mastectomy Business Certificate Program

accordian-1The Post Mastectomy Business Certificate Program is modular education program that advances the professional fitting and business capabilities of a post mastectomy fitter. The successful graduate will attend all seminars and courses which will be offered in a variety of locations and online throughout the year. Requirements: Certification as a post mastectomy fitter for 2 years, registration and acceptance into the program.

Webinars & Seminars

accordian-4AABCP offers a dynamic list of webinars and seminars covering contemporary and relevant issues throughout the year. For a full list and registration information, visit the AABCP Calendar.

Post Mastectomy Care Health Coach Certification

Mastectomy Care Text Book

AABCP will be publishing a full length Post Mastectomy and Breast Care textbook.

AABCP Education: General Information

In past years, most of the post mastectomy education has been provided by breast form and bra manufacturers.
Post Mastectomy Education is categorized as Basic or pre-certification, Intermediate and Advanced or post-certification classes.

In 2005, The American Association of Breast Care Professionals began to offer numerous webinars and seminars ranging from Basic Fitter education to special scientific and experienced fitter subject matter. All information taught by AABCP is specifically for post mastectomy professionals and can be found online, at State Meetings, Associations and National Assemblies throughout the year.

In addition to in depth presentations on regulatory issues and business development, AABCP continuously develops new education modules that include scientific advancements, research studies in an effort to advance post mastectomy professionals.